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java.sql.ResultSet com::mysql::jdbc::DatabaseMetaData::getVersionColumns ( String  catalog,
String  schema,
String  table 
) throws SQLException [inline]

Get a description of a table's columns that are automatically updated when any value in a row is updated. They are unordered.

Each column description has the following columns:

  1. SCOPE short => is not used
  2. COLUMN_NAME String => column name
  3. DATA_TYPE short => SQL data type from java.sql.Types
  4. TYPE_NAME String => Data source dependent type name
  5. COLUMN_SIZE int => precision
  6. BUFFER_LENGTH int => length of column value in bytes
  7. DECIMAL_DIGITS short => scale
  8. PSEUDO_COLUMN short => is this a pseudo column like an Oracle ROWID

    • versionColumnUnknown - may or may not be pseudo column
    • versionColumnNotPseudo - is NOT a pseudo column
    • versionColumnPseudo - is a pseudo column

catalog a catalog name; "" retrieves those without a catalog
schema a schema name; "" retrieves those without a schema
table a table name
ResultSet each row is a column description

Definition at line 5075 of file DatabaseMetaData.java.

        Field[] fields = new Field[8];
        fields[0] = new Field("", "SCOPE", Types.SMALLINT, 5);
        fields[1] = new Field("", "COLUMN_NAME", Types.CHAR, 32);
        fields[2] = new Field("", "DATA_TYPE", Types.SMALLINT, 5);
        fields[3] = new Field("", "TYPE_NAME", Types.CHAR, 16);
        fields[4] = new Field("", "COLUMN_SIZE", Types.CHAR, 16);
        fields[5] = new Field("", "BUFFER_LENGTH", Types.CHAR, 16);
        fields[6] = new Field("", "DECIMAL_DIGITS", Types.CHAR, 16);
        fields[7] = new Field("", "PSEUDO_COLUMN", Types.SMALLINT, 5);

        return buildResultSet(fields, new ArrayList());

        // do TIMESTAMP columns count?

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