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com::mysql::jdbc::DocsConnectionPropsHelper Class Reference

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Detailed Description

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Definition at line 15 of file DocsConnectionPropsHelper.java.

Public Member Functions

String exposeAsXml () throws SQLException
boolean getAllowLoadLocalInfile ()
boolean getAllowMultiQueries ()
boolean getAllowUrlInLocalInfile ()
boolean getAlwaysSendSetIsolation ()
boolean getAutoDeserialize ()
boolean getAutoReconnectForPools ()
boolean getCacheCallableStatements ()
boolean getCachePreparedStatements ()
boolean getCacheResultSetMetadata ()
boolean getCacheServerConfiguration ()
int getCallableStatementCacheSize ()
boolean getCapitalizeTypeNames ()
String getCharacterSetResults ()
boolean getClobberStreamingResults ()
String getConnectionCollation ()
int getConnectTimeout ()
boolean getContinueBatchOnError ()
boolean getDontTrackOpenResources ()
boolean getDumpQueriesOnException ()
boolean getDynamicCalendars ()
boolean getElideSetAutoCommits ()
boolean getEmulateLocators ()
boolean getEmulateUnsupportedPstmts ()
boolean getEnablePacketDebug ()
boolean getExplainSlowQueries ()
boolean getFailOverReadOnly ()
boolean getGatherPerformanceMetrics ()
boolean getHoldResultsOpenOverStatementClose ()
boolean getIgnoreNonTxTables ()
int getInitialTimeout ()
boolean getInteractiveClient ()
boolean getIsInteractiveClient ()
boolean getJdbcCompliantTruncation ()
String getLogger ()
String getLoggerClassName ()
boolean getLogSlowQueries ()
int getMaxQuerySizeToLog ()
int getMaxReconnects ()
int getMaxRows ()
int getMetadataCacheSize ()
boolean getNoDatetimeStringSync ()
int getPacketDebugBufferSize ()
boolean getParanoid ()
boolean getPedantic ()
int getPreparedStatementCacheSize ()
int getPreparedStatementCacheSqlLimit ()
boolean getProfileSql ()
boolean getProfileSQL ()
String getPropertiesTransform ()
int getQueriesBeforeRetryMaster ()
boolean getReconnectAtTxEnd ()
boolean getRelaxAutoCommit ()
int getReportMetricsIntervalMillis ()
boolean getRequireSSL ()
boolean getRollbackOnPooledClose ()
boolean getRoundRobinLoadBalance ()
boolean getRunningCTS13 ()
int getSecondsBeforeRetryMaster ()
String getServerTimezone ()
int getSlowQueryThresholdMillis ()
String getSocketFactoryClassName ()
int getSocketTimeout ()
boolean getStrictFloatingPoint ()
boolean getStrictUpdates ()
boolean getTinyInt1isBit ()
boolean getTraceProtocol ()
boolean getUseCompression ()
boolean getUseFastIntParsing ()
boolean getUseHostsInPrivileges ()
boolean getUseLocalSessionState ()
boolean getUseNewIo ()
boolean getUseOldUTF8Behavior ()
boolean getUseOnlyServerErrorMessages ()
boolean getUseReadAheadInput ()
boolean getUseServerPreparedStmts ()
boolean getUseSqlStateCodes ()
boolean getUseSSL ()
boolean getUseStreamLengthsInPrepStmts ()
boolean getUseTimezone ()
boolean getUseUltraDevWorkAround ()
boolean getUseUnbufferedInput ()
boolean getUseUnicode ()
boolean getUseUsageAdvisor ()
String getZeroDateTimeBehavior ()
void setAllowLoadLocalInfile (boolean property)
void setAllowMultiQueries (boolean property)
void setAllowUrlInLocalInfile (boolean flag)
void setAlwaysSendSetIsolation (boolean flag)
void setAutoDeserialize (boolean flag)
void setAutoReconnect (boolean flag)
void setAutoReconnectForConnectionPools (boolean property)
void setAutoReconnectForPools (boolean flag)
void setCacheCallableStatements (boolean flag)
void setCachePreparedStatements (boolean flag)
void setCacheResultSetMetadata (boolean property)
void setCacheServerConfiguration (boolean flag)
void setCallableStatementCacheSize (int size)
void setCapitalizeDBMDTypes (boolean property)
void setCapitalizeTypeNames (boolean flag)
void setCharacterEncoding (String encoding)
void setCharacterSetResults (String characterSet)
void setClobberStreamingResults (boolean flag)
void setConnectionCollation (String collation)
void setConnectTimeout (int timeoutMs)
void setContinueBatchOnError (boolean property)
void setDetectServerPreparedStmts (boolean property)
void setDontTrackOpenResources (boolean flag)
void setDumpQueriesOnException (boolean flag)
void setDynamicCalendars (boolean flag)
void setElideSetAutoCommits (boolean flag)
void setEmulateLocators (boolean property)
void setEmulateUnsupportedPstmts (boolean flag)
void setEnablePacketDebug (boolean flag)
void setEncoding (String property)
void setExplainSlowQueries (boolean flag)
void setFailOverReadOnly (boolean flag)
void setGatherPerformanceMetrics (boolean flag)
void setHoldResultsOpenOverStatementClose (boolean flag)
void setIgnoreNonTxTables (boolean property)
void setInitialTimeout (int property)
void setIsInteractiveClient (boolean property)
void setJdbcCompliantTruncation (boolean flag)
void setLogger (String property)
void setLoggerClassName (String className)
void setLogSlowQueries (boolean flag)
void setMaxQuerySizeToLog (int sizeInBytes)
void setMaxReconnects (int property)
void setMaxRows (int property)
void setMetadataCacheSize (int value)
void setNoDatetimeStringSync (boolean flag)
void setPacketDebugBufferSize (int size)
void setParanoid (boolean property)
void setPedantic (boolean property)
void setPreparedStatementCacheSize (int cacheSize)
void setPreparedStatementCacheSqlLimit (int cacheSqlLimit)
void setProfileSql (boolean property)
void setProfileSQL (boolean flag)
void setPropertiesTransform (String value)
void setQueriesBeforeRetryMaster (int property)
void setReconnectAtTxEnd (boolean property)
void setRelaxAutoCommit (boolean property)
void setReportMetricsIntervalMillis (int millis)
void setRequireSSL (boolean property)
void setRollbackOnPooledClose (boolean flag)
void setRoundRobinLoadBalance (boolean flag)
void setRunningCTS13 (boolean flag)
void setSecondsBeforeRetryMaster (int property)
void setServerTimezone (String property)
void setSlowQueryThresholdMillis (int millis)
void setSocketFactoryClassName (String property)
void setSocketTimeout (int property)
void setStrictFloatingPoint (boolean property)
void setStrictUpdates (boolean property)
void setTinyInt1isBit (boolean flag)
void setTraceProtocol (boolean flag)
void setUseCompression (boolean property)
void setUseFastIntParsing (boolean flag)
void setUseHostsInPrivileges (boolean property)
void setUseLocalSessionState (boolean flag)
void setUseNewIo (boolean property)
void setUseOldUTF8Behavior (boolean flag)
void setUseOnlyServerErrorMessages (boolean flag)
void setUseReadAheadInput (boolean flag)
void setUseServerPreparedStmts (boolean flag)
void setUseSqlStateCodes (boolean flag)
void setUseSSL (boolean property)
void setUseStreamLengthsInPrepStmts (boolean property)
void setUseTimezone (boolean property)
void setUseUltraDevWorkAround (boolean property)
void setUseUnbufferedInput (boolean flag)
void setUseUnicode (boolean flag)
void setUseUsageAdvisor (boolean useUsageAdvisorFlag)
void setZeroDateTimeBehavior (String behavior)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args) throws Exception

Protected Member Functions

DriverPropertyInfo[] exposeAsDriverPropertyInfoInternal (Properties info, int slotsToReserve) throws SQLException
Properties exposeAsProperties (Properties info) throws SQLException
boolean getAllowNanAndInf ()
String getEncoding ()
boolean getHighAvailability ()
void initializeFromRef (Reference ref) throws SQLException
void initializeProperties (Properties info) throws SQLException
void postInitialization () throws SQLException
void setAllowNanAndInf (boolean flag)
void setHighAvailability (boolean property)
void storeToRef (Reference ref) throws SQLException
boolean useUnbufferedInput ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static DriverPropertyInfo[] exposeAsDriverPropertyInfo (Properties info, int slotsToReserve) throws SQLException

Static Protected Attributes

static final String ZERO_DATETIME_BEHAVIOR_CONVERT_TO_NULL = "convertToNull"
static final String ZERO_DATETIME_BEHAVIOR_EXCEPTION = "exception"
static final String ZERO_DATETIME_BEHAVIOR_ROUND = "round"

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

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