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Field com::mysql::jdbc::ResultSetMetaData::getField ( int  columnIndex  )  throws SQLException [inline, protected]

Returns the field instance for the given column index

columnIndex the column number to retrieve a field instance for
the field instance for the given column index
SQLException if an error occurs

Definition at line 702 of file ResultSetMetaData.java.

References com::mysql::jdbc::Field::length.

Referenced by getCatalogName(), getColumnCharacterSet(), getColumnClassName(), getColumnDisplaySize(), getColumnName(), getColumnType(), getColumnTypeName(), getPrecision(), getScale(), getTableName(), isAutoIncrement(), isCaseSensitive(), isNullable(), isReadOnly(), and isSigned().

        if ((columnIndex < 1) || (columnIndex > this.fields.length)) {
            throw new SQLException(Messages.getString("ResultSetMetaData.46"), //$NON-NLS-1$

        return this.fields[columnIndex - 1];

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