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void com::mysql::jdbc::ResultSet::refreshRow (  )  throws SQLException [inline]

JDBC 2.0 Refresh the value of the current row with its current value in the database. Cannot be called when on the insert row. The refreshRow() method provides a way for an application to explicitly tell the JDBC driver to refetch a row(s) from the database. An application may want to call refreshRow() when caching or prefetching is being done by the JDBC driver to fetch the latest value of a row from the database. The JDBC driver may actually refresh multiple rows at once if the fetch size is greater than one. All values are refetched subject to the transaction isolation level and cursor sensitivity. If refreshRow() is called after calling updateXXX(), but before calling updateRow() then the updates made to the row are lost. Calling refreshRow() frequently will likely slow performance.

SQLException if a database-access error occurs, or if called when on the insert row.
NotUpdatable DOCUMENT ME!

Reimplemented in com::mysql::jdbc::UpdatableResultSet.

Definition at line 2988 of file ResultSet.java.

        throw new NotUpdatable();

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