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 to the Sun Microsystems, Inc. standard license agreement and applicable
 provisions of the FAR and its supplements. Use is subject to license terms.
 This distribution may include materials developed by third parties.Sun,
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 Copyright (c) 2009, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved., Inc. Tous droits réservés.
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package com.mysql.jdbc;

import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.util.Properties;

 * Wraps statement interceptors during driver startup so that they don't produce
 * different result sets than we expect.
00029 public class NoSubInterceptorWrapper implements StatementInterceptorV2 {

      private final StatementInterceptorV2 underlyingInterceptor;
      public NoSubInterceptorWrapper(StatementInterceptorV2 underlyingInterceptor) {
            if (underlyingInterceptor == null) {
                  throw new RuntimeException("Interceptor to be wrapped can not be NULL");
            this.underlyingInterceptor = underlyingInterceptor;
00041       public void destroy() {

00045       public boolean executeTopLevelOnly() {
            return underlyingInterceptor.executeTopLevelOnly();

00049       public void init(Connection conn, Properties props) throws SQLException {
            underlyingInterceptor.init(conn, props);

00053       public ResultSetInternalMethods postProcess(String sql,
                  Statement interceptedStatement,
                  ResultSetInternalMethods originalResultSet, Connection connection,
                  int warningCount, boolean noIndexUsed, boolean noGoodIndexUsed,
                  SQLException statementException) throws SQLException {
            underlyingInterceptor.postProcess(sql, interceptedStatement, originalResultSet, 
                        connection, warningCount, noIndexUsed, noGoodIndexUsed, statementException);
            return null; // don't allow result set substitution

00064       public ResultSetInternalMethods preProcess(String sql,
                  Statement interceptedStatement, Connection connection)
                  throws SQLException {
            underlyingInterceptor.preProcess(sql, interceptedStatement, connection);
            return null; // don't allow result set substitution
      public StatementInterceptorV2 getUnderlyingInterceptor() {
            return underlyingInterceptor;

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