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Public Member Functions

com::mysql::jdbc::Connection Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

abstract void changeUser (String userName, String newPassword) throws SQLException
abstract void clearHasTriedMaster ()
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement clientPrepareStatement (String sql, int autoGenKeyIndex) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement clientPrepareStatement (String sql, String[] autoGenKeyColNames) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement clientPrepareStatement (String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement clientPrepareStatement (String sql) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement clientPrepareStatement (String sql, int[] autoGenKeyIndexes) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement clientPrepareStatement (String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency, int resultSetHoldability) throws SQLException
abstract String exposeAsXml () throws SQLException
abstract int getActiveStatementCount ()
abstract boolean getAllowLoadLocalInfile ()
abstract boolean getAllowMultiQueries ()
abstract boolean getAllowNanAndInf ()
abstract boolean getAllowUrlInLocalInfile ()
abstract boolean getAlwaysSendSetIsolation ()
abstract boolean getAutoClosePStmtStreams ()
abstract boolean getAutoDeserialize ()
abstract boolean getAutoGenerateTestcaseScript ()
abstract int getAutoIncrementIncrement ()
abstract boolean getAutoReconnectForPools ()
abstract boolean getAutoSlowLog ()
abstract boolean getBlobsAreStrings ()
abstract int getBlobSendChunkSize ()
abstract boolean getCacheCallableStatements ()
abstract boolean getCacheCallableStmts ()
abstract boolean getCachePreparedStatements ()
abstract boolean getCachePrepStmts ()
abstract boolean getCacheResultSetMetadata ()
abstract boolean getCacheServerConfiguration ()
abstract int getCallableStatementCacheSize ()
abstract int getCallableStmtCacheSize ()
abstract boolean getCapitalizeTypeNames ()
abstract String getCharacterSetResults ()
abstract String getClientCertificateKeyStorePassword ()
abstract String getClientCertificateKeyStoreType ()
abstract String getClientCertificateKeyStoreUrl ()
abstract String getClientInfoProvider ()
abstract boolean getClobberStreamingResults ()
abstract String getClobCharacterEncoding ()
abstract boolean getCompensateOnDuplicateKeyUpdateCounts ()
abstract String getConnectionCollation ()
abstract String getConnectionLifecycleInterceptors ()
abstract int getConnectTimeout ()
abstract boolean getContinueBatchOnError ()
abstract boolean getCreateDatabaseIfNotExist ()
abstract int getDefaultFetchSize ()
abstract boolean getDontTrackOpenResources ()
abstract boolean getDumpMetadataOnColumnNotFound ()
abstract boolean getDumpQueriesOnException ()
abstract boolean getDynamicCalendars ()
abstract boolean getElideSetAutoCommits ()
abstract boolean getEmptyStringsConvertToZero ()
abstract boolean getEmulateLocators ()
abstract boolean getEmulateUnsupportedPstmts ()
abstract boolean getEnablePacketDebug ()
abstract boolean getEnableQueryTimeouts ()
abstract String getEncoding ()
ExceptionInterceptor getExceptionInterceptor ()
abstract String getExceptionInterceptors ()
abstract boolean getExplainSlowQueries ()
abstract boolean getFailOverReadOnly ()
abstract boolean getFunctionsNeverReturnBlobs ()
abstract boolean getGatherPerfMetrics ()
abstract boolean getGatherPerformanceMetrics ()
abstract boolean getGenerateSimpleParameterMetadata ()
abstract boolean getHoldResultsOpenOverStatementClose ()
String getHost ()
abstract long getIdleFor ()
abstract boolean getIgnoreNonTxTables ()
abstract boolean getIncludeInnodbStatusInDeadlockExceptions ()
abstract boolean getIncludeThreadDumpInDeadlockExceptions ()
abstract boolean getIncludeThreadNamesAsStatementComment ()
abstract int getInitialTimeout ()
abstract boolean getInteractiveClient ()
abstract boolean getIsInteractiveClient ()
abstract boolean getJdbcCompliantTruncation ()
abstract boolean getJdbcCompliantTruncationForReads ()
abstract String getLargeRowSizeThreshold ()
String getLoadBalanceAutoCommitStatementRegex ()
int getLoadBalanceAutoCommitStatementThreshold ()
abstract int getLoadBalanceBlacklistTimeout ()
abstract String getLoadBalanceConnectionGroup ()
abstract boolean getLoadBalanceEnableJMX ()
abstract String getLoadBalanceExceptionChecker ()
abstract int getLoadBalancePingTimeout ()
abstract String getLoadBalanceSQLExceptionSubclassFailover ()
abstract String getLoadBalanceSQLStateFailover ()
abstract String getLoadBalanceStrategy ()
abstract boolean getLoadBalanceValidateConnectionOnSwapServer ()
abstract String getLocalSocketAddress ()
abstract int getLocatorFetchBufferSize ()
abstract Log getLog () throws SQLException
abstract String getLogger ()
abstract String getLoggerClassName ()
abstract boolean getLogSlowQueries ()
abstract boolean getLogXaCommands ()
abstract boolean getMaintainTimeStats ()
int getMaxAllowedPacket ()
abstract int getMaxQuerySizeToLog ()
abstract int getMaxReconnects ()
abstract int getMaxRows ()
abstract int getMetadataCacheSize ()
abstract int getNetTimeoutForStreamingResults ()
abstract boolean getNoAccessToProcedureBodies ()
abstract boolean getNoDatetimeStringSync ()
abstract boolean getNoTimezoneConversionForTimeType ()
abstract boolean getNullCatalogMeansCurrent ()
abstract boolean getNullNamePatternMatchesAll ()
abstract boolean getOverrideSupportsIntegrityEnhancementFacility ()
abstract int getPacketDebugBufferSize ()
abstract boolean getPadCharsWithSpace ()
abstract boolean getParanoid ()
abstract String getPasswordCharacterEncoding ()
abstract boolean getPedantic ()
abstract boolean getPinGlobalTxToPhysicalConnection ()
abstract boolean getPopulateInsertRowWithDefaultValues ()
abstract int getPreparedStatementCacheSize ()
abstract int getPreparedStatementCacheSqlLimit ()
abstract int getPrepStmtCacheSize ()
abstract int getPrepStmtCacheSqlLimit ()
abstract boolean getProcessEscapeCodesForPrepStmts ()
abstract String getProfilerEventHandler ()
abstract boolean getProfileSql ()
abstract boolean getProfileSQL ()
Properties getProperties ()
abstract String getPropertiesTransform ()
abstract int getQueriesBeforeRetryMaster ()
abstract boolean getQueryTimeoutKillsConnection ()
abstract boolean getReconnectAtTxEnd ()
abstract boolean getRelaxAutoCommit ()
abstract int getReportMetricsIntervalMillis ()
abstract boolean getRequireSSL ()
abstract String getResourceId ()
abstract int getResultSetSizeThreshold ()
boolean getRetainStatementAfterResultSetClose ()
abstract int getRetriesAllDown ()
abstract boolean getRewriteBatchedStatements ()
abstract boolean getRollbackOnPooledClose ()
abstract boolean getRoundRobinLoadBalance ()
abstract boolean getRunningCTS13 ()
abstract int getSecondsBeforeRetryMaster ()
abstract int getSelfDestructOnPingMaxOperations ()
abstract int getSelfDestructOnPingSecondsLifetime ()
abstract String getServerCharacterEncoding ()
abstract String getServerTimezone ()
abstract TimeZone getServerTimezoneTZ ()
abstract String getSessionVariables ()
abstract int getSlowQueryThresholdMillis ()
abstract long getSlowQueryThresholdNanos ()
abstract String getSocketFactory ()
abstract String getSocketFactoryClassName ()
abstract int getSocketTimeout ()
abstract String getStatementComment ()
abstract String getStatementInterceptors ()
abstract boolean getStrictFloatingPoint ()
abstract boolean getStrictUpdates ()
abstract boolean getTcpKeepAlive ()
abstract boolean getTcpNoDelay ()
abstract int getTcpRcvBuf ()
abstract int getTcpSndBuf ()
abstract int getTcpTrafficClass ()
abstract boolean getTinyInt1isBit ()
abstract boolean getTraceProtocol ()
abstract boolean getTransformedBitIsBoolean ()
abstract boolean getTreatUtilDateAsTimestamp ()
abstract String getTrustCertificateKeyStorePassword ()
abstract String getTrustCertificateKeyStoreType ()
abstract String getTrustCertificateKeyStoreUrl ()
abstract boolean getUltraDevHack ()
abstract boolean getUseAffectedRows ()
abstract boolean getUseBlobToStoreUTF8OutsideBMP ()
abstract boolean getUseColumnNamesInFindColumn ()
abstract boolean getUseCompression ()
abstract String getUseConfigs ()
abstract boolean getUseCursorFetch ()
abstract boolean getUseDirectRowUnpack ()
abstract boolean getUseDynamicCharsetInfo ()
abstract boolean getUseFastDateParsing ()
abstract boolean getUseFastIntParsing ()
abstract boolean getUseGmtMillisForDatetimes ()
abstract boolean getUseHostsInPrivileges ()
abstract boolean getUseInformationSchema ()
abstract boolean getUseJDBCCompliantTimezoneShift ()
abstract boolean getUseJvmCharsetConverters ()
abstract boolean getUseLegacyDatetimeCode ()
abstract boolean getUseLocalSessionState ()
abstract boolean getUseLocalTransactionState ()
abstract boolean getUseNanosForElapsedTime ()
abstract boolean getUseOldAliasMetadataBehavior ()
abstract boolean getUseOldUTF8Behavior ()
abstract boolean getUseOnlyServerErrorMessages ()
abstract boolean getUseReadAheadInput ()
abstract boolean getUseServerPreparedStmts ()
abstract boolean getUseServerPrepStmts ()
abstract boolean getUseSqlStateCodes ()
abstract boolean getUseSSL ()
abstract boolean getUseSSPSCompatibleTimezoneShift ()
abstract boolean getUseStreamLengthsInPrepStmts ()
abstract boolean getUseTimezone ()
abstract boolean getUseUltraDevWorkAround ()
abstract boolean getUseUnbufferedInput ()
abstract boolean getUseUnicode ()
abstract boolean getUseUsageAdvisor ()
abstract String getUtf8OutsideBmpExcludedColumnNamePattern ()
abstract String getUtf8OutsideBmpIncludedColumnNamePattern ()
boolean getVerifyServerCertificate ()
abstract boolean getYearIsDateType ()
abstract String getZeroDateTimeBehavior ()
boolean hasSameProperties (Connection c)
abstract boolean hasTriedMaster ()
abstract void initializeExtension (Extension ex) throws SQLException
abstract boolean isAbonormallyLongQuery (long millisOrNanos)
abstract boolean isInGlobalTx ()
abstract boolean isMasterConnection ()
abstract boolean isNoBackslashEscapesSet ()
abstract boolean isSameResource (Connection c)
boolean isServerLocal () throws SQLException
abstract boolean lowerCaseTableNames ()
abstract boolean parserKnowsUnicode ()
abstract void ping () throws SQLException
abstract void reportQueryTime (long millisOrNanos)
abstract void resetServerState () throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement serverPrepareStatement (String sql) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement serverPrepareStatement (String sql, int autoGenKeyIndex) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement serverPrepareStatement (String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement serverPrepareStatement (String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency, int resultSetHoldability) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement serverPrepareStatement (String sql, int[] autoGenKeyIndexes) throws SQLException
abstract java.sql.PreparedStatement serverPrepareStatement (String sql, String[] autoGenKeyColNames) throws SQLException
abstract void setAllowLoadLocalInfile (boolean property)
abstract void setAllowMultiQueries (boolean property)
abstract void setAllowNanAndInf (boolean flag)
abstract void setAllowUrlInLocalInfile (boolean flag)
abstract void setAlwaysSendSetIsolation (boolean flag)
abstract void setAutoClosePStmtStreams (boolean flag)
abstract void setAutoDeserialize (boolean flag)
abstract void setAutoGenerateTestcaseScript (boolean flag)
abstract void setAutoReconnect (boolean flag)
abstract void setAutoReconnectForConnectionPools (boolean property)
abstract void setAutoReconnectForPools (boolean flag)
abstract void setAutoSlowLog (boolean flag)
abstract void setBlobsAreStrings (boolean flag)
abstract void setBlobSendChunkSize (String value) throws SQLException
abstract void setCacheCallableStatements (boolean flag)
abstract void setCacheCallableStmts (boolean flag)
abstract void setCachePreparedStatements (boolean flag)
abstract void setCachePrepStmts (boolean flag)
abstract void setCacheResultSetMetadata (boolean property)
abstract void setCacheServerConfiguration (boolean flag)
abstract void setCallableStatementCacheSize (int size)
abstract void setCallableStmtCacheSize (int cacheSize)
abstract void setCapitalizeDBMDTypes (boolean property)
abstract void setCapitalizeTypeNames (boolean flag)
abstract void setCharacterEncoding (String encoding)
abstract void setCharacterSetResults (String characterSet)
abstract void setClientCertificateKeyStorePassword (String value)
abstract void setClientCertificateKeyStoreType (String value)
abstract void setClientCertificateKeyStoreUrl (String value)
abstract void setClientInfoProvider (String classname)
abstract void setClobberStreamingResults (boolean flag)
abstract void setClobCharacterEncoding (String encoding)
abstract void setCompensateOnDuplicateKeyUpdateCounts (boolean flag)
abstract void setConnectionCollation (String collation)
abstract void setConnectionLifecycleInterceptors (String interceptors)
abstract void setConnectTimeout (int timeoutMs)
abstract void setContinueBatchOnError (boolean property)
abstract void setCreateDatabaseIfNotExist (boolean flag)
abstract void setDefaultFetchSize (int n)
abstract void setDetectServerPreparedStmts (boolean property)
abstract void setDontTrackOpenResources (boolean flag)
abstract void setDumpMetadataOnColumnNotFound (boolean flag)
abstract void setDumpQueriesOnException (boolean flag)
abstract void setDynamicCalendars (boolean flag)
abstract void setElideSetAutoCommits (boolean flag)
abstract void setEmptyStringsConvertToZero (boolean flag)
abstract void setEmulateLocators (boolean property)
abstract void setEmulateUnsupportedPstmts (boolean flag)
abstract void setEnablePacketDebug (boolean flag)
abstract void setEnableQueryTimeouts (boolean flag)
abstract void setEncoding (String property)
abstract void setExceptionInterceptors (String exceptionInterceptors)
abstract void setExplainSlowQueries (boolean flag)
abstract void setFailedOver (boolean flag)
abstract void setFailOverReadOnly (boolean flag)
abstract void setFunctionsNeverReturnBlobs (boolean flag)
abstract void setGatherPerfMetrics (boolean flag)
abstract void setGatherPerformanceMetrics (boolean flag)
abstract void setGenerateSimpleParameterMetadata (boolean flag)
abstract void setHoldResultsOpenOverStatementClose (boolean flag)
abstract void setIgnoreNonTxTables (boolean property)
abstract void setIncludeInnodbStatusInDeadlockExceptions (boolean flag)
abstract void setIncludeThreadDumpInDeadlockExceptions (boolean flag)
abstract void setIncludeThreadNamesAsStatementComment (boolean flag)
void setInGlobalTx (boolean flag)
abstract void setInitialTimeout (int property)
abstract void setInteractiveClient (boolean property)
abstract void setIsInteractiveClient (boolean property)
abstract void setJdbcCompliantTruncation (boolean flag)
abstract void setJdbcCompliantTruncationForReads (boolean jdbcCompliantTruncationForReads)
abstract void setLargeRowSizeThreshold (String value)
void setLoadBalanceAutoCommitStatementRegex (String loadBalanceAutoCommitStatementRegex)
void setLoadBalanceAutoCommitStatementThreshold (int loadBalanceAutoCommitStatementThreshold)
abstract void setLoadBalanceBlacklistTimeout (int loadBalanceBlacklistTimeout)
abstract void setLoadBalanceConnectionGroup (String loadBalanceConnectionGroup)
abstract void setLoadBalanceEnableJMX (boolean loadBalanceEnableJMX)
abstract void setLoadBalanceExceptionChecker (String loadBalanceExceptionChecker)
abstract void setLoadBalancePingTimeout (int loadBalancePingTimeout)
abstract void setLoadBalanceSQLExceptionSubclassFailover (String loadBalanceSQLExceptionSubclassFailover)
abstract void setLoadBalanceSQLStateFailover (String loadBalanceSQLStateFailover)
abstract void setLoadBalanceStrategy (String strategy)
abstract void setLoadBalanceValidateConnectionOnSwapServer (boolean loadBalanceValidateConnectionOnSwapServer)
abstract void setLocalSocketAddress (String address)
abstract void setLocatorFetchBufferSize (String value) throws SQLException
abstract void setLogger (String property)
abstract void setLoggerClassName (String className)
abstract void setLogSlowQueries (boolean flag)
abstract void setLogXaCommands (boolean flag)
abstract void setMaintainTimeStats (boolean flag)
abstract void setMaxQuerySizeToLog (int sizeInBytes)
abstract void setMaxReconnects (int property)
abstract void setMaxRows (int property)
abstract void setMetadataCacheSize (int value)
abstract void setNetTimeoutForStreamingResults (int value)
abstract void setNoAccessToProcedureBodies (boolean flag)
abstract void setNoDatetimeStringSync (boolean flag)
abstract void setNoTimezoneConversionForTimeType (boolean flag)
abstract void setNullCatalogMeansCurrent (boolean value)
abstract void setNullNamePatternMatchesAll (boolean value)
abstract void setOverrideSupportsIntegrityEnhancementFacility (boolean flag)
abstract void setPacketDebugBufferSize (int size)
abstract void setPadCharsWithSpace (boolean flag)
abstract void setParanoid (boolean property)
abstract void setPasswordCharacterEncoding (String characterSet)
abstract void setPedantic (boolean property)
abstract void setPinGlobalTxToPhysicalConnection (boolean flag)
abstract void setPopulateInsertRowWithDefaultValues (boolean flag)
abstract void setPreferSlaveDuringFailover (boolean flag)
abstract void setPreparedStatementCacheSize (int cacheSize)
abstract void setPreparedStatementCacheSqlLimit (int cacheSqlLimit)
abstract void setPrepStmtCacheSize (int cacheSize)
abstract void setPrepStmtCacheSqlLimit (int sqlLimit)
abstract void setProcessEscapeCodesForPrepStmts (boolean flag)
abstract void setProfilerEventHandler (String handler)
abstract void setProfileSql (boolean property)
abstract void setProfileSQL (boolean flag)
abstract void setPropertiesTransform (String value)
void setProxy (MySQLConnection proxy)
abstract void setQueriesBeforeRetryMaster (int property)
abstract void setQueryTimeoutKillsConnection (boolean queryTimeoutKillsConnection)
abstract void setReconnectAtTxEnd (boolean property)
abstract void setRelaxAutoCommit (boolean property)
abstract void setReportMetricsIntervalMillis (int millis)
abstract void setRequireSSL (boolean property)
abstract void setResourceId (String resourceId)
abstract void setResultSetSizeThreshold (int threshold)
abstract void setRetainStatementAfterResultSetClose (boolean flag)
abstract void setRetriesAllDown (int retriesAllDown)
abstract void setRewriteBatchedStatements (boolean flag)
abstract void setRollbackOnPooledClose (boolean flag)
abstract void setRoundRobinLoadBalance (boolean flag)
abstract void setRunningCTS13 (boolean flag)
abstract void setSecondsBeforeRetryMaster (int property)
abstract void setSelfDestructOnPingMaxOperations (int maxOperations)
abstract void setSelfDestructOnPingSecondsLifetime (int seconds)
abstract void setServerTimezone (String property)
abstract void setSessionVariables (String variables)
abstract void setSlowQueryThresholdMillis (int millis)
abstract void setSlowQueryThresholdNanos (long nanos)
abstract void setSocketFactory (String name)
abstract void setSocketFactoryClassName (String property)
abstract void setSocketTimeout (int property)
abstract void setStatementComment (String comment)
abstract void setStatementInterceptors (String value)
abstract void setStrictFloatingPoint (boolean property)
abstract void setStrictUpdates (boolean property)
abstract void setTcpKeepAlive (boolean flag)
abstract void setTcpNoDelay (boolean flag)
abstract void setTcpRcvBuf (int bufSize)
abstract void setTcpSndBuf (int bufSize)
abstract void setTcpTrafficClass (int classFlags)
abstract void setTinyInt1isBit (boolean flag)
abstract void setTraceProtocol (boolean flag)
abstract void setTransformedBitIsBoolean (boolean flag)
abstract void setTreatUtilDateAsTimestamp (boolean flag)
abstract void setTrustCertificateKeyStorePassword (String value)
abstract void setTrustCertificateKeyStoreType (String value)
abstract void setTrustCertificateKeyStoreUrl (String value)
abstract void setUltraDevHack (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseAffectedRows (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseBlobToStoreUTF8OutsideBMP (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseColumnNamesInFindColumn (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseCompression (boolean property)
abstract void setUseConfigs (String configs)
abstract void setUseCursorFetch (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseDirectRowUnpack (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseDynamicCharsetInfo (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseFastDateParsing (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseFastIntParsing (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseGmtMillisForDatetimes (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseHostsInPrivileges (boolean property)
abstract void setUseInformationSchema (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseJDBCCompliantTimezoneShift (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseJvmCharsetConverters (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseLegacyDatetimeCode (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseLocalSessionState (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseLocalTransactionState (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseNanosForElapsedTime (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseOldAliasMetadataBehavior (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseOldUTF8Behavior (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseOnlyServerErrorMessages (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseReadAheadInput (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseServerPreparedStmts (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseServerPrepStmts (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseSqlStateCodes (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseSSL (boolean property)
abstract void setUseSSPSCompatibleTimezoneShift (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseStreamLengthsInPrepStmts (boolean property)
abstract void setUseTimezone (boolean property)
abstract void setUseUltraDevWorkAround (boolean property)
abstract void setUseUnbufferedInput (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseUnicode (boolean flag)
abstract void setUseUsageAdvisor (boolean useUsageAdvisorFlag)
abstract void setUtf8OutsideBmpExcludedColumnNamePattern (String regexPattern)
abstract void setUtf8OutsideBmpIncludedColumnNamePattern (String regexPattern)
abstract void setVerifyServerCertificate (boolean flag)
abstract void setYearIsDateType (boolean flag)
abstract void setZeroDateTimeBehavior (String behavior)
abstract void shutdownServer () throws SQLException
abstract boolean supportsIsolationLevel ()
abstract boolean supportsQuotedIdentifiers ()
abstract boolean supportsTransactions ()
abstract boolean useUnbufferedInput ()
abstract boolean versionMeetsMinimum (int major, int minor, int subminor) throws SQLException

Detailed Description

This interface contains methods that are considered the "vendor extension" to the JDBC API for MySQL's implementation of java.sql.Connection.

For those looking further into the driver implementation, it is not an API that is used for plugability of implementations inside our driver (which is why there are still references to ConnectionImpl throughout the code).


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