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com::mysql::jdbc::profiler::ProfilerEvent Class Reference

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 33 of file ProfilerEvent.java.

Public Member Functions

String getCatalog ()
long getConnectionId ()
String getDurationUnits ()
Throwable getEventCreationPoint ()
String getEventCreationPointAsString ()
long getEventCreationTime ()
long getEventDuration ()
byte getEventType ()
String getMessage ()
int getResultSetId ()
int getStatementId ()
byte[] pack () throws Exception
 ProfilerEvent (byte eventType, String hostName, String catalog, long connectionId, int statementId, int resultSetId, long eventCreationTime, long eventDuration, String durationUnits, String eventCreationPointDesc, Throwable eventCreationPoint, String message)
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ProfilerEvent unpack (byte[] buf) throws Exception

Static Public Attributes

static final byte TYPE_EXECUTE = 4
static final byte TYPE_FETCH = 5
static final byte TYPE_OBJECT_CREATION = 1
static final byte TYPE_PREPARE = 2
static final byte TYPE_QUERY = 3
static final byte TYPE_SLOW_QUERY = 6
static final byte TYPE_WARN = 0

Protected Attributes

String catalog
int catalogIndex
long connectionId
String durationUnits
Throwable eventCreationPoint
String eventCreationPointDesc
int eventCreationPointIndex
long eventCreationTime
long eventDuration
byte eventType
String hostName
int hostNameIndex
String message
int resultSetId
int statementId

Static Private Member Functions

static byte[] readBytes (byte[] buf, int pos)
static int readInt (byte[] buf, int pos)
static long readLong (byte[] buf, int pos)
static int writeBytes (byte[] msg, byte[] buf, int pos)
static int writeInt (int i, byte[] buf, int pos)
static int writeLong (long l, byte[] buf, int pos)

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