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com::mysql::jdbc::ResultSetInternalMethods Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::mysql::jdbc::ResultSetInternalMethods:

com::mysql::jdbc::ResultSetImpl com::mysql::jdbc::UpdatableResultSet

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Detailed Description

This interface is intended to be used by implementors of statement interceptors so that implementors can create static or dynamic (via java.lang.reflect.Proxy) proxy instances of ResultSets. It consists of methods outside of java.sql.Result that are used internally by other classes in the driver.

This interface, although public is not designed to be consumed publicly other than for the statement interceptor use case.


Definition at line 46 of file ResultSetInternalMethods.java.

Public Member Functions

void buildIndexMapping () throws SQLException
void clearNextResult ()
abstract ResultSetInternalMethods copy () throws SQLException
char getFirstCharOfQuery ()
ResultSetInternalMethods getNextResultSet ()
abstract Object getObjectStoredProc (String colName, java.util.Map map, int desiredSqlType) throws SQLException
abstract Object getObjectStoredProc (String columnName, int desiredSqlType) throws SQLException
abstract Object getObjectStoredProc (int i, java.util.Map map, int desiredSqlType) throws SQLException
abstract Object getObjectStoredProc (int columnIndex, int desiredSqlType) throws SQLException
String getServerInfo ()
long getUpdateCount ()
long getUpdateID ()
void initializeFromCachedMetaData (CachedResultSetMetaData cachedMetaData)
void initializeWithMetadata () throws SQLException
void populateCachedMetaData (CachedResultSetMetaData cachedMetaData) throws SQLException
void realClose (boolean calledExplicitly) throws SQLException
abstract boolean reallyResult ()
void redefineFieldsForDBMD (Field[] metadataFields)
void setFirstCharOfQuery (char firstCharUpperCase)
void setOwningStatement (com.mysql.jdbc.StatementImpl owningStatement)
void setStatementUsedForFetchingRows (PreparedStatement stmt)
void setWrapperStatement (java.sql.Statement wrapperStatement)

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